Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sorry we havent been on

Sorry we havent been on in a few days. Marvilyn went to Disney with her family for a few days and I just got a HUGE order that i've had to put all my time and energy into. We will get back to the swing of things in a few days just bear with us!


Nicole and Marvilyn

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tip of the Week. Which Type of Vinyl Do i need to Use?

This is a question we have come across alot. Which type of vinyl do I need to use for which projects.

We will talk about Outdoor Vinyl, In Door Vinyl, and contact paper.

We use Outdoor Vinyl for everything except items that you will need to remove the vinyl from or for Walls. Outdoor vinyl is perfect for items that will be washed, outside in the weather or items you need the vinyl there permanently. Outdoor vinyl is much harder to weed in my opinion it sticks to the other vinyl very easily and needs to be removed very carefully. We use oracal 651 vinyl and is really nice vinyl.

Indoor vinyl is perfect for walls or items you do not want the vinyl stuck to very long. We use oracal 631 and it weeds so well!

Contact paper is our favorit vinyl. It's very very cheap and can be found everywhere! Our favorits are faux leather for Home depot only 6.97 for a very large roll, also Faux stanless steel is great you can get it at lowes for around the same price as the faux leather. I use some cheap 3.00 marble looking contact I got at Big lots for all my glass etching. it removes very easy and is cheap enough that you dont feel like you are wasting vinyl everytime you do glass etching. You can also use these cheap contact papers on walls, to lable totes, drawers. We have used the faux leather on tiles to make coasters and just spray Rust-oLeum crystal clear enamel. over it. Also you can spray spray adhisive to the back of the faux stanless steel and it will stick to fabric great! I was looking at some new chalkboard contact paper that Vinyl Expressions was offereing its around 4.00's for a 12x24" sheet and got to thinking too bad they dont make chalkboard contact apper. Well guess what they DO! has it, its less then 7.00 for a 18"by6' roll WOW!! I have not ordered this yet but will very soon I think this would be wonderful to make my son a little chalk board art area. Also would be great to make a note board, you could take a picture frame and cover the glass with the chalk board contact paper! The posibilities are endless with this inexpensive contact paper. Its great for items that will be thrown away like hand sanatizers, travel lotions ect.

Hope this has helped! We will be posting tutorials soon. Please keep a look out and make sure you sign up for our feeds, emails or become a follower we have 30 email subscribers so far only 20 more to go and we will be doing a GIVEAWAY we have a great item planned so dont forget to spread the word!


Nicole and Marvilyn

NEW Corner and Decor pack!

New corner and Decor pack 60+ designs for only the intor price of 3.00!

These are wonderful to add to any items. There are so many great deisngs you will love using them!

Pack will be sent in SVG unless otherwise stated. We can convert them to GSD if requested.

Corner Pack 3.00

Free Veggie Tales SVG

Back to school…free svg.
What kid doesn’t like the Veggie Tales? Here is a free design you may use on your child’s lunch or snack containers ( I know Nicole will be using it for her little one who will be starting Preschool for the first time!). Enjoy! Remember, this design is FREE and may not be sold. Thank you!!!

Marvilyn and Nicole

Click here to download svg

Monday, August 9, 2010

Free Corner Decor

This cute little corner is from our new corner pack it will be up in the next few days. 50++ designs!

We will get back to the great blogs in the next few days. I'm almost over this horrible cough. My baby starts pre school in two days so i'm trying to get him a new outfit made, sippys vinyled and new diaper bag made.

Hope you enjoy!
Click here to download SVG


Marvilyn and Nicole

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wood Spoons Free SVG and GSD

We have been working on a kitchen pack for a few days and thought we would offer you a free item out of the back. The pack will have just about everything in it you can imagin for your kitchen even a blender! Here is your chance to get a design from it for free! We hope you enjoy! Also please leave us comments and let us know what you would like to see in our future free items and future design packs!


Marvilyn and Nicole

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Free Polka Dot SVG and GSD

Sorry we haven't posted anything today. I'm sick (Nicole) with a terrible cough and Marvilyn is getting ready for school (shes a teacher) so I put together this little polka dot design for ya'll today nothing fancy but cute.

I have been working on a tutorial today for everyone its WONDERFUL I have 3 different paper bow designs I've come up with that I'm going to be doing a video explaining how to make them! looking forward to getting over this cough so I can actually record the video!


Click here for Free SVG

Click here for GSD

Marvilyn and Nicole

Friday, August 6, 2010

Free Three Layer Flower SVG and GSD Format

Free Three Layer Flower

The three layers are in one file so when you open it in your Scal, MTC or Silhouette program you will need to seperate the three items and cut them seperate for the different colors! hope your enjoy!!! Let us know what type of designs you would like to see by leaving us comments we will work hard to make up designs that please our readers!

Nicole and Marvilyn!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Free Give AWAY

We will be offering a surprise give away as soon as we get atleast 50 followers or 50 email subscribers. We only have 15 followers and 16 people have signed up for emails. So what we need you to do is tell everyone!

Once we hit 50 we will open up a give away! (this will not be designs either this will be something we will have to ship to you!!!!) So we need you to go out blog about us, tweet, facebook, whatever it takes to get people on over!

Once we get 50, we will be doing give aways ALOT! So keep us in mind we have alot of great give gifts to give away!!!


Marvilyn and Nicole!

Silhouette give aways at V and Co and Sugar Doodles,

Here are a few more places to go to enter to win a Silhouette!

Sugar Doodles blog 4 ways to win on this blog!

V and Co BLOG!

how does she blog has a full list

John Deere SVG, GSD Free cut file

We are now doing all our cut files in GSD format also for all our Silhouette users out there! If you purchase a design pack and want them in GSD format please let us know because i will have to convert them all before I email them out.

We had alot of request for this John Deere Logo I did for my sons room and it seemed like most people needed it in GSD format so here it is!!!! ENJOY!

Please remember this file is for personal use only do not sell the design or sell anything with the design on it.

Click here for SVG

Click here for GSD

Nicole and Marvilyn!

My Little Pony Free SVG

We made this cute little My Little Pony SVG for a person who requested it on another site. WE thought we would share it with all our readers!

This design is for personal use only cannot be sold or put on items for sale.

Click here to download free SVG


Marvilyn and Nicole

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NEW Demask and Decor PACK Intro Price 3.00

Yep We finally finished this pack we decided to do only 50 designs for this pack at 3.00 intro price! these designs are WONDERFUL perfect for all your decorating needs! There are TONs of Damask designs, Chandeliers, Corners and much much more!

Click on the buy it now button below to purchase. Once paypal transactions is completed you will be sent you designs within 24 hours most of the time alot less!


Nicole and Marvilyn

Damask and Decor Pack 3.00!

Tip of the Week.. Transfer tape VS Contact paper for Vinyl

Our tip this week is about using clear contact paper in place of Transfer tape!

Yes you heard me correct Clear cheap ol' contact paper from Dollar Tree or Walmart or Home Depot its all the same (well make sure you get the stuff with the grid on the back from the dollar tree not he stuff that just on white backing that stuff doesn't work)

I get mine from walmart or dollar tree. I have actually never used regular transfer tape I'm just too cheap. Now Marvilyn swears by the transfer tape but I have never purchased it because it was just as expensive as the vinyl at alot of places.

So when you use Clear Contact paper make sure you de stick it on your cloths a few time before sticking it to your vinyl so it will come off good. Also Do not use the contact paper on Christmas balls learn from my mistake the sticky came off on the ball I was working on and the ball was frosted so when i tried to get the sticky stuff off it rubbed some of the frosted stuff off. In that case i used just plain ol' packaging tape the next time and it worked AMAZING but remember always De-Stick you tape first just stick it to your cloths a few times and you shouldn't have a problem at all getting your design to stick.

Also something I always do before I stick the vinyl to anything is wipe it down with Alcohol (if it can be wiped down wood and frosted Christmas balls I would not recommend wiping them down). That's probably a no brainier to most people but I had no idea until my husband told me that's how they do it when they put Window tint on cars. ?Hummmm makes sense though!

Keep a watch out on our blog we are going to start doing Video Tutorials soon!

Hope this helps!


Up Up and Away! Free Hot Air Balloon SVG

I cut this cute little hot air balloon out yesterday and it cuts so perfect i'm sure you will LOVE it. We would love to hear what you are going to use our designs for! Any ideas??? I'm coming up blank on this one, I thought it was cute as can be but I have no idea what I would use it for...

Hope you enjoy
Nicole and Marvilyn!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CAN YOU STAND ANOTHER!!! Silhouette Give Away

I found another Silhouette Give away Head over to Tidy Mom Blog

Click here to enter to win the Silhouette

Plenty of ways to enter make sure you take advantage of all these giveaways!!!


Nicole and Marvilyn

Another Silhouette Givaway!!!!!

Yep you read right we found another Silhouette Give away!!!
Head over to Infarrantly Creative blog
Make sure you leave a comment on the blog then become a follower and leave another comment and post it on facebook and get another entry!
I cant believe all the great giveaways out there!
Nicole and Marvilyn!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Free SVG Damask from New Damask Pack

We are working on a new Damask and designer pack here is a little preview there will be around 100 designs for the intro price of 5,00!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy! Don'f forget to leave comments, become a follower and subscribe to recive our emails!

Please support our sponsers by clicking on their ads and checking them out!

click here to download free svg!

link fixed.......


Nicole and Marvilyn!

Dog and Cat SVG Pack Intro price 1.00!!!!!

For the animal lovers….here are 10 cute animal files for you to enjoy! Nicole and I want to besure that we meet all our crafters interest. If there is anything you would like for us to produce, please send us an email or leave a comment! We aim to please!!!

To purchase pack click on the buy it now button below and once payment is completed we will email you a zipped file within 24 hours or less..

Don't forget we do custom designs starting at 1.00 each!

Marvilyn and Nicole

Dog and Cat Pack

Silhouette Giveaway!!!

One of my Favorit Blogs is giving away a Silhouette!!! The Idea Room is one of the greatest blogs I have come across for tutorials, recipes and other great crafty ideas!

Head over there right now and make sure you leave your comments you never know it could be you to win a new Silhouette!

click Here to go to the Idea Rooms Blog


Nicole and Marvilyn!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crafting Stores Sales Round Up

Each Sunday (at least we will try) we will be posting the weeks great sales for our favorite crafting stores and other stores if we think it will interest our readers.

Hobby Lobby is Nicole's favorite store and Joanns is Marvilyn's so those will probably be the two we always start off with.

Hobby Lobby
40% off any regular priced item this week YEAH. I'm (Nicole) heading down there this week to buy some quilt batting for a few pre-school nap mats I have orders for! It's 6.99 regularly that's the price it is at walmart too so I'll be getting it for 4.19+Tax pretty great price!

As always its 30% off most of their fabric. Not a whole lot else that catches my eye but to look at their full ad click here

If you don't have a hobby lobby in your area you can now shop online with them their shipping is actually not that bad around 5.95 for most things. You can use the 40% off online too!

89.99 for a cricut personal cutter reg. 199.99!! Pretty Great price!
60% off home decor fabrics!
50% off buttons
They have a lot of other great items click HERE to see their ad you may have to type in your own zip code to see the ad but I'm sure they are all about the same.
If you have not already make sure you sign up for their news letter you can get 40% any regular priced item!
This week they have a 20% off your entire purchase that's includes sale items also!!
If your a teach every Friday until September 24 you will get an extra 10% your entire purchase
Click here to see their ad. its only one page this week. maybe they will post something else tomorrow I'm sure they have something on sale.
Hancocks Fabrics
They have some pretty great sales going on right now.
30% lots of different fabrics. 40% off Absolute Cotton
Aug 5th to Aug 8th 5 for 5 Simplicity patterns 40% off novelty prints
Aug 12 to Aug 15 60% off Dress trims 60% off ribbon
Hope these ads have helped you. If you would like to see others stores we have not listed just post a comment and we will start adding your favorite stores to our Sale's Round Up
Marvilyn and Nicole

Cute Whimsy Frame! Free SVG file!!

This frame is part of our new design pack "Whimsy Frames" they are all whimsical frames and all as cute at this one! We hope you enjoy it and look for the design pack coming in the next few days. Wouldnt this be so cute on a little girls wall with her monogram in the middle or on a little girls lunch box! If your are like us you can never have too many frames!!!


click here to download SVG

Enjoy and happy Cutting!

Nicole and Marvilyn

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christmas in July!

Today is the last day of july so we thought we would give you a Christmas in July Gift!

Hope everyone is getting ready for christmas is just around the corner. I know I (nicole) am about 1/4 the way done with making all my christmas gifts!

Sorry the image is side ways Iuploaded it before I realized I had not fliped it.

Click here to download SVG

Thanks! Happy Cutting!

Nicole and Marvilyn!

First Design Pack Intro Price only 2.00!!!

We have our first design pack together! its called our doodle pack! There are 4 different flowers, a Cake, Party Hat, fish, two paisley deisngs, cherry, Gift boxes a high heal, umbrella and a coffee cup. We have tested these designs and they cut out so CUTE perfect for your cards, scrapbook pages or even your walls! This pack is a doodle pack so the lines are not all even which is the way they are supposed to be, it looks like you doodled them yourself! Click on the paypal link below to purchase for only 2.00 for all these designs and once the purchase goes through you will recieve your designs through email in a zip file within 24hours normally ALOT less time. This Week only until Saturday August 7th you will recive an extra design FREE!

If you have any issues with any of our designs please let us know and we will correct it and resend it to you.


Nicole and Marvilyn

Doodle Pack 2.00

Friday, July 30, 2010

Zebra Print SVG!

Zebra Print SVG!!!!!

Its the new rage everyone loves zebra print! I have a cheer team I'm working on some items for and decided to do a water bottle to show off for them. I'm not a huge fan of the colors but its the team colors. The water bottle is a 1.00 bottle from Dollar Tree, the Fonts are Pep Rally TTF for the KI, the MOM is Arial, and the Josie is curlz. All these can be used with Sure Cuts Alot or Make the Cut both programs are amazing programs and you cant go wrong with either of them!

You could also stretch this design and put it on a blank license plate and make a zebra print license plate! Remember the possibilities are endless!

Click here for zebra SVG


Nicole and Marvilyn

Now an Affiliate with Sure Cuts Alot

We are now affiliated with Sure Cuts Alot!!!!! You can purchase the program through the link to the right of the page. Just follow the link to purchase your copy. You will love the program. You can take any of the fonts installed on your computer and cut them with your Cricut. You can also use any of our designs we offer here in the program. Right now they have a special running on the program is less then 60.00! That's 15.00 off the regular price. or you can pay 75.00 for the program and receive the CD too!
We will know that you will love the program if you purchase it. It opens a world of possibilities with your Cricut! Never have to purchase another cartridges again!
Marvilyn and Nicole

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here Piggy Piggy Piggy (Camo Piggy Bank)

I did this cute little guy today for a customer order. The baby room is done in a cute plaid but she wanted the camo because she just loved it. So I did the camo to match the room colors. Piggy came from hobby lobby today for 4.00's it's 50% off! I thought ya'll might enjoy this camo svg file. Wouldn't it be super cute with greens, browns, tans for a little boys room!

click here for svg file

font is called Nathan TTF


Nicole and Marvilyn

Mr. Peanut

Thank you for visiting our blog! Here is another fun freebie. I plan on using him on a glass jar with my yummy spiced nuts I make:)
This is for personal use only do not make anything to sell or sell this design.
Click here to download


Marvilyn and Nicole

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peapod doodle Great for Twins

Here is another SVG file for you today!

What a cute little peapod for twins or two great friends. Marvilyn and I always say we are two peas and a pod so here you are a Peapod!

Click HERE to Download SVG File



Custom Cut files starting at 1.00 each!

Welcome To Our BLOG!

Welcome to our Blog!

Marvilyn and I (Nicole) Started this blog because we wanted to share our designs! We do SVG Cut Files, MTC files and some Embroidery Files (that's Marvilyn's specialty.I'm not very good at it :) )

Marvilyn and I met on a forum and have been great friends ever since we make and share all our designs with one another and decided we wanted to share with others. We will start will all free designs and eventually we will probably start some really nice designs that we will charge only 1.00 or so for them. but for now ENJOY our free Designs!!!

Our first Gift to you is our Koolaid Man

Marvilyn did this cute little Koolaid pitcher out of a 1.00 pitcher from Walmart!

The Font is Called Kool Beans TTF
click Here for the koolaid man SVG File!

File has been FIXED!!

Hope ya'll enjoy our First File!!

Nicole and Marvilyn