Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tip of the Week. Which Type of Vinyl Do i need to Use?

This is a question we have come across alot. Which type of vinyl do I need to use for which projects.

We will talk about Outdoor Vinyl, In Door Vinyl, and contact paper.

We use Outdoor Vinyl for everything except items that you will need to remove the vinyl from or for Walls. Outdoor vinyl is perfect for items that will be washed, outside in the weather or items you need the vinyl there permanently. Outdoor vinyl is much harder to weed in my opinion it sticks to the other vinyl very easily and needs to be removed very carefully. We use oracal 651 vinyl and is really nice vinyl.

Indoor vinyl is perfect for walls or items you do not want the vinyl stuck to very long. We use oracal 631 and it weeds so well!

Contact paper is our favorit vinyl. It's very very cheap and can be found everywhere! Our favorits are faux leather for Home depot only 6.97 for a very large roll, also Faux stanless steel is great you can get it at lowes for around the same price as the faux leather. I use some cheap 3.00 marble looking contact I got at Big lots for all my glass etching. it removes very easy and is cheap enough that you dont feel like you are wasting vinyl everytime you do glass etching. You can also use these cheap contact papers on walls, to lable totes, drawers. We have used the faux leather on tiles to make coasters and just spray Rust-oLeum crystal clear enamel. over it. Also you can spray spray adhisive to the back of the faux stanless steel and it will stick to fabric great! I was looking at some new chalkboard contact paper that Vinyl Expressions was offereing its around 4.00's for a 12x24" sheet and got to thinking too bad they dont make chalkboard contact apper. Well guess what they DO! Amazon.com has it, its less then 7.00 for a 18"by6' roll WOW!! I have not ordered this yet but will very soon I think this would be wonderful to make my son a little chalk board art area. Also would be great to make a note board, you could take a picture frame and cover the glass with the chalk board contact paper! The posibilities are endless with this inexpensive contact paper. Its great for items that will be thrown away like hand sanatizers, travel lotions ect.

Hope this has helped! We will be posting tutorials soon. Please keep a look out and make sure you sign up for our feeds, emails or become a follower we have 30 email subscribers so far only 20 more to go and we will be doing a GIVEAWAY we have a great item planned so dont forget to spread the word!


Nicole and Marvilyn


  1. Can I buy the Oracal 651 vinyl at any stores or is it only available online? I'm hoping to make some of those cute water bottles you made!!!

  2. I dont think that you can buy it in stores I have never seen it. But you can purchase it from vinyl expressions they sell just the sheets. if you only need a small amount. if you want larger amounts we will be doing a group buy pretty soon where you get 10 different colors for less then 40.00 and that is 12"x2.5yards and the more people we get the lower the price goes!