Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome To Our BLOG!

Welcome to our Blog!

Marvilyn and I (Nicole) Started this blog because we wanted to share our designs! We do SVG Cut Files, MTC files and some Embroidery Files (that's Marvilyn's specialty.I'm not very good at it :) )

Marvilyn and I met on a forum and have been great friends ever since we make and share all our designs with one another and decided we wanted to share with others. We will start will all free designs and eventually we will probably start some really nice designs that we will charge only 1.00 or so for them. but for now ENJOY our free Designs!!!

Our first Gift to you is our Koolaid Man

Marvilyn did this cute little Koolaid pitcher out of a 1.00 pitcher from Walmart!

The Font is Called Kool Beans TTF
click Here for the koolaid man SVG File!

File has been FIXED!!

Hope ya'll enjoy our First File!!

Nicole and Marvilyn


  1. This would be perfect for my daughter that just got married. They both love Kool-Aid. What did you cut this out of and how did you attach it? Thanks Terri

  2. Hello Terri! It was cut out of outdoor vinyl Oracal 651 and transfered on to the container with transfer tape:)