Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Up Up and Away! Free Hot Air Balloon SVG

I cut this cute little hot air balloon out yesterday and it cuts so perfect i'm sure you will LOVE it. We would love to hear what you are going to use our designs for! Any ideas??? I'm coming up blank on this one, I thought it was cute as can be but I have no idea what I would use it for...

Hope you enjoy
Nicole and Marvilyn!


  1. We go a fest each year that has Hot Air Balloon races and a balloon glow. This will be a great accent. thanks

  2. I wonder if TerriM56 llives in my area! We have the same thing in oour town! Thanks for sharing your file! It's great.

  3. YES... thank you! I have been googling an svg hot air balloon and I plan on making a cute shaped card with it for my niece's graduation! Perfect time for a "lift off" into the great big world out there!! *Ü* THANK YOU for the svg!!

  4. oh phoey... it says the file is no longer valid :(