Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christmas in July!

Today is the last day of july so we thought we would give you a Christmas in July Gift!

Hope everyone is getting ready for christmas is just around the corner. I know I (nicole) am about 1/4 the way done with making all my christmas gifts!

Sorry the image is side ways Iuploaded it before I realized I had not fliped it.

Click here to download SVG

Thanks! Happy Cutting!

Nicole and Marvilyn!


  1. When I download this it has a large red X on it. What is wrong?

  2. Try to re download. I just downloaded it myself again and opened it in MTC and Inkscape and it was working fine. Maybe there was a bad connections when you downloaded it. If it doesnt work email me and I will send it to you through email! hope it works!