Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tip of the Week.. Transfer tape VS Contact paper for Vinyl

Our tip this week is about using clear contact paper in place of Transfer tape!

Yes you heard me correct Clear cheap ol' contact paper from Dollar Tree or Walmart or Home Depot its all the same (well make sure you get the stuff with the grid on the back from the dollar tree not he stuff that just on white backing that stuff doesn't work)

I get mine from walmart or dollar tree. I have actually never used regular transfer tape I'm just too cheap. Now Marvilyn swears by the transfer tape but I have never purchased it because it was just as expensive as the vinyl at alot of places.

So when you use Clear Contact paper make sure you de stick it on your cloths a few time before sticking it to your vinyl so it will come off good. Also Do not use the contact paper on Christmas balls learn from my mistake the sticky came off on the ball I was working on and the ball was frosted so when i tried to get the sticky stuff off it rubbed some of the frosted stuff off. In that case i used just plain ol' packaging tape the next time and it worked AMAZING but remember always De-Stick you tape first just stick it to your cloths a few times and you shouldn't have a problem at all getting your design to stick.

Also something I always do before I stick the vinyl to anything is wipe it down with Alcohol (if it can be wiped down wood and frosted Christmas balls I would not recommend wiping them down). That's probably a no brainier to most people but I had no idea until my husband told me that's how they do it when they put Window tint on cars. ?Hummmm makes sense though!

Keep a watch out on our blog we are going to start doing Video Tutorials soon!

Hope this helps!



  1. Thanks for the info on the tape. Now I just need to buy some vinyl.

  2. Terri,
    We get our vinyl from HH sign Supply and we do group buys all the time where we all get so much of each color works out great. also if you just want a little check out Vinyl Expressions they have 12x24 sheets pretty good price if you just need a little. their Wall vinyl is a great price! They dont have the selection of outdoor vinyl so i dont ever buy that from them! Let us know when you do your first project we would love to start a page of our readers pictures!